Lake Clarity S2.02: History Lessons


Season 2’s second episode is here! Listen as Sam Parsons starts to interview the townsfolk of Nederland about their celebration of Frozen Dead Guy Days. But her interviews might have started Sam down the path of a mystery that needs to be uncovered.

For those of you that did not know, Frozen Dead Guy Days is a real celebration. There are many different events that we found while researching the days that were not included in Sam’s discussion of the occasion. One such event is Icy Turkey Bowling. As the name suggests, you take a frozen turkey and use it as a bowling ball. But do not worry, the turkey is still in the bag so that the participants do not have to touch the actual dead bird.

Another fun activity we found in our research is the Frozen Dead Poet Society. This event is an open poetry reading. People may go on stage and present their poems and written thoughts. The only rule is that it has to be about Frozen Grandpa. Personally, it would be interesting to listen to everyone’s different thoughts on the man that brought everyone there that day.

This was touched on during the episode, but one of the main events of the celebration is the Blue Ball. During the ball, people come dressed as either Frozen Grandpa or the Ice Queen. Live bands play music throughout the night and food is served. Then there is a look-alike contest, where the people dressed as Grandpa and the Ice Queen show off their costumes and prizes are awarded. Frozen Dead Guy Days is an intriguing event, that’s for sure.

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Stay Cool. (Get it, cause Frozen Dead Guy Days)

<3 Dakota