Lake Clarity S2.03: Small Town Stories


This new episode of Lake Clarity follows Sam Parsons as she delves into the history of the town of Nederland, Colorado with the help of her new acquaintance Steve. Let us also look more into this little town.

As mentioned in the episode, Nederland has a rich mining history. Fifteen years before the town was established, gold was discovered in the creek near the area. In those fifteen years, a trading post was set up, this is what eventually became the town of Nederland.

Also talked about in the episode, the name was come about because of the town folks’ misspelling of the Netherlands. Nowadays the town is generally just referred to as “Ned” by locals.

While our podcast focuses on Nederland’s celebration of Frozen Dead Guys Day, the town has many other festivals. One prominent celebration is The Nederland Music & Arts Festival, more commonly referred to as NedFest. This is a three-day long music and art festival. It features all sorts of live music. Some genres of music that are played include jazz, bluegrass, jam band, jamgrass, and many more. The festival also involves arts and crafts. Compared to other music festivals Nederland’s Music festival is relatively small. There is a 2,000 per day limit of visitors. This is compared to Coachella, whose ticket sales reach the 20,000s. While 2,000 is a much smaller number, that is still a large group of people.

Another local celebration is Nederland Miners’ Days. This festival focuses on the town’s strong mining history and locals participate in different mining challenges. These challenges include spike driving, jackleg drilling, bow sawing, mucking. And if you are not a miner you can still participate in activities like panning for gold and watermelon eating.

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