Our Shows

Midnight Disease Productions is proud to present three immersive audio drama experiences. Find everything you need to know about our flagship show, Lake Clarity, our upcoming original series Aftershocks and our adaptation of The Enoch Saga!

Lake Clarity

Five teens venture up to a supposedly cursed campground and discover a dark secret lying beneath Lake Clarity. Join Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon in their final camping trip together, in this traditional horror audio adventure!


Riley has been institutionalized after suffering a breakdown. While getting treatment she meets two other characters, also struggling with mental illness. Together, the three of them stumble upon the dark secrets of the institution where they reside.

The Enoch Saga

The world was changed forever when scientists developed a pill that extended the human life span indefinitely. It was distributed free of charge, to the furthest corners of the globe; everyone was about to live forever. 
Well, almost everyone. ..


Other work

Interested in seeing what else we've worked on? Well look no further! From Creepy and Liberty: Tales from the Tower to The Alexandria Archives and What's the Frequency, here are some of the other shows we've helped create!