Liminal Apocalypse

A show about the end of times… Or is it?

Created by Vin Ernst, the mind behind Aftershocks, Midnight Disease Production’s newest show is an epic trilogy about faith, trust, lost, grief, and our inability to control the world around us. Join us in the Liminal Apocalypse!

Part I - August 10

Part II - August 24

Part III - September 7

Transcripts Available Here

The Team

Vin Ernst - Creator

The creator behind Aftershocks, and frequent voice actor in the audio drama community, Vin returns to bring us an all new audio experience. Big fan of their work? Follow them on Twitter, or hear them on Standard Docking Procedure! Vin has taken up the mantle of not only writing this show, but also directing it, acting (as Emily) and creating an immersive soundscape!

Thoreau Smiley - Musician

You may know him as almost all the voices in Attention Hellmart Shoppers, or from his Teen road-trip comedy audio drama, 1994, or even from our very own Lake Clarity! Thoreau is a man of a million voices, and much music.

Miranda Ireland - Becca

Recent graduate from MSU Denver, Miranda Ireland is making her audio drama debut as our leading lady. But, she’s not new to voice acting! Before Midnight Disease Productions formed officially, Miranda was one of our largest contributors to a poetry/short story radio show the team worked on!

Nick Ellingson - Johnson

Born and raised in North Dakota, Nick moved to Denver in 2001 and began his voice acting. Since then he’s jumped into almost every medium imaginable! He enjoys playing the villian, as he finds the range and creativity of antagonists most interesting! When not acting, he sells Solar energy!

Jace Rynearson - Ed

Jace’s first role was Mr. Arable in a small production of Charlotte’s Web when he was 9 years old! Since then he’s acted in a variety of shows throughout his high school career, and while he’s often involved in comedic productions, Jace is eager to jump into more serious roles, like villians! Jace is setting his eyes on working at Funimation in the near future!

Ayiana Taylor - Sly

Ayiana is a graduate of John Casablanca's Acting School, her dream is to be a comedic actress! At 12 years old, she’s already signed with several agencies and has been scouted with IMTA!

Camilla Susser - Diana

Camilla has performed lead and supporting roles in regional indie features, SAG shorts, web series, and more! She has a foundational actor’s training in the Meisner Technique, and has an extensive wrap sheet in dance, theatre, improv and voice over work!

Additional Cast

This show wouldn’t be complete without the lovely voices that fill our world, so we want to give a big shout out to Addison Peacock, Paul Sating, Chad Ellis, Victoria Green, Paul Davis, Tanja Milojevic, and Danielle Shemiah!