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Secure. Contain. Protect. There are things that go bump in the night. Fantastic things. Horrible things. Redacted things. The SCP Foundation was built to keep humanity safe from a world of beings it doesn’t want to know exists. Things of wonder. Things of destruction. And these things have files. A LOT of files.

From the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network, this is “SCP Archives”. Join the creators of “Creepy”, “Small Town Horror,” and “Lake Clarity” as they take you into the darkness and unlock some of the internet’s most amazing stories. SCP Archives is a weekly, full-cast production of the most popular stories from and the remarkable community that spawned them, some may scare you, some may make you laugh, some may make you question your place in this world, some may even make you [REDACTED]. But you’ll have to listen for yourself to find out!

What is “SCP“?

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fiction project where users from across the world create stories and entries, similar to the creepypasta community. Unlike the creepypasta community, format plays a large role in the SCP community, most entries are written in a government dossier style document, detailing an anomalous object that has been “secured” by the fictional “Foundation.” The enties include the item number, it’s safety classification, containment protocols of said object, and often time addendums which detail experimental logs or interviews. Entries detail anything from a cursed stairwell, an immortal Witchdoctor, magic coffee machine, sentient graffiti, to even Bigfoot(s).

SCP Archives is taking these stories and giving them audio drama treatment. The first part of every episode will be a narration delivered by Jon Grilz, while additional actors are brought in to perform the addendums, that will have a more traditional audio drama feel. Whether you’re following a team as they try to capture an alien monster, or listening to the diary of a man trapped in a hellish living IKEA, each segment will feature full immersive sound design to give as much depth as possible to these tales.


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Jon Grilz - The Voice

Jon first made his debut in the audio drama scene in 2016 with his show Small Town Horror, which recently concluded after it’s fourth season, and launched a second show, Creepy, in which Jon narrates some of the most notorious creepypastas on the web. Creepy has been going uninterrupted for two years, and is most notable for its 31 Days of Horror, in which one creepypasta story is uploaded everyday during the month of October.

Jon will be the Host, acting as the main voice of the SCP Archives, responsible for the narration and curation of the show.


Pacific Obadiah - The Sounds

Pacific wrote, direct, and edited Lake Clarity in 2017. Since then, Pacific has been feverishly working on audio dramas, from his commissioned work on shows like The White Vault and Creepy, to producing original audio dramas with his team, Midnight Disease Productions. Pacific is responsible for producing Aftershocks, The Enoch Saga, Hereafter (upcoming) and later seasons of Lake Clarity.

Pacific is the Director and Sound Designer, responsible for directing actors, filling roles, and stitching together audio and creating immersive soundscapes in the SCP Archives.

Tom Rory Parsons - The Music

Tom is a prolific composer in the audio drama landscape, he’s composed full scores for a number of shows, including Aftershocks, Small Town Horror, All’s Fair, and many more. Tom is known for his powerful scores that help heighten the emotion or the horror of any scene. He’s was a finalist in the previous three years of Audio Verse Awards for his work on various audio dramas.

Tom will be creating a fully fleshed out score for each episode of the SCP Archives.


Addison Peacock - Teller of Tales

Addison is a writer, podcaster, and actress whose work has appeared on various audio dramas and audiobooks, including The NoSleep Podcast, Congeria, and The Death of Dr. John Parker, and the Adobe Kroger series. She is a recent graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory, where she attained her BFA in Musical Theatre. In addition to her voice acting, you can also hear her playing herself and talking about monsters, mayhem, and Mothman with her cohost Alex Flanigan on their comedy podcast The Cryptid Keeper.


Graham Rowat - Our Monster

Graham is a New York based actor who's appeared in numerous television shows and stage productions. He recently completed the Broadway run of Steve Martin's “Meteor Shower”. Other Broadway: Sunset Boulevard, Mamma Mia, Guys and Dolls, LoveMusik, Dracula,Beauty and the Beast. TV: Law and Order: SVU, Elementary, The Good Wife. Graham has been narrating audio books since 2010, and has been featured on such podcast audio dramas as The Truth, No Sleep, Theatre of Tomorrow, The Hotel, and 6Minutes. While in high school, Graham was briefly suspended from performing the morning announcements because of “inappropriate sounds”


Atticus Jackson - The Agent

Stepping into the voice acting scene in 2016, Atticus has been narrating and acting in podcasts ever since. You may have heard his voice in the chilling The NoSleep Podcast, Congeria, and Sirencide. When he’s not acting, you can find Atticus streaming! You can find him on most social medias as @atticusjackson and on Twitter @theatticus

Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network

Bloody Disgusting is a horror entertainment website launched in 2001 by Brad Miska (“Mr. Disgusting”) and Tom Owen, they cover news regarding horror movies, games, comics and music. Most notably, Bloody Disgusting produced the V/H/S trilogy, and distributing films such as YellowBrickRoad, The Haunting of Helena and Outcast.

Recently Bloody Disgusting has launched their own podcast network, and feature Creepy, Horror Queers, and The Horror Show.


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Created by Nico Skorzewski. Follow him on  Instagram @Nicoskor

Created by Nico Skorzewski. Follow him on Instagram @Nicoskor