Pacific S. Obadiah

Social Media


Online Presence

I manage the social media channels for my audio drama podcasts, Lake Clarity, Aftershocks, and The Enoch Saga. My team pride ourselves in responding to all of our fans within 24 hours! We're also proud members of the audio drama community, and regularly participate in community events like the weekly #AudioDramaSunday, or the monthly #ReviewOn22, and regularly communicate with fans and fellow creators on chat services like Discord, and Slack. 

(Note: The embedded code below for my two Twitter timelines doesn't always load. I recommend refreshing the page if you're seeing only text!)


In addition to engaging with fans on a regular basis via social media, I regularly update our team's blog to let fans know about upcoming release dates, any delays in production, and other fun projects that we've worked on!

Just recently I've begun releasing a monthly blog that details all of my teams work on projects internal and external. While we've only just begun, we've already received a healthy following of fans engaging with our posts, and sharing our news with others!

Website Maintenance 

While Squarespace offers us basic templates that allows us easily to design a working website, someone still has to plug in all the content, make the gifs, and write the descriptions. That job falls on my shoulders! I regularly update our website, and comb it for errors, to ensure our fans can easily use the site, and access all of our content.