Pacific S. Obadiah



Lake Clarity Season One was the most ambitious story, script, anything I had ever written. With 76 pages it was the longest story I had ever constructed... Until I wrote Season Two, which was well over double the length of the first season!

Lake Clarity is a simple cliche horror story, five teens venture up to a supposedly cursed summer camp, but instead of finding ghosts, they stumble upon an abandoned military bunker that hides a dangerous secret (Spoiler: It's monsters). Though cheesy, our audio drama found popularity with fans across the globe, and now has received over half a million downloads, and holds a consistent spot on Apple Podcast's Performing Arts Top 200 Charts (Jeezy Pete's say that three times fast).


While Lake Clarity was still being formed into the audio drama it is today, I was invited to write for someone else's world. Working off of the lore bible Travis Vengroff gave me, I created three short stories that fit into his established world. Each one is loosely connected to the other, and made a short trilogy in his anthology show, Liberty: Tales from the Tower. I later returned to help assemble and create a soundscape for several scripts, some mine, others not (you can listen here).