Pacific S. Obadiah



Media U. - What if The Office took place in a Campus Student Media office? What kind of obstacles would the wacky faculty, student leaders, and prospective students face? Together Erik Kemp and I set out to explore the possibilities. From ill-advised Tiki-Torches to macaroni art, Media U. shows it all. 

While this was Erik's passion project, my role was multifaceted, first in creating the larger than life characters and co-writing the script, to serving as a co-director/stage manager on set, I acted as a liaison between cast and crew from pre to post production.

My first attempt at "animation," The Adventures of Spoonface and Blockhead was my first serious tackle at asset creation, and animation.

After many formative years of high-school and college film making, I found a team of like-minded creators. We needed a logo, a symbol that would represent us. 5 hours later, I returned with our new logo animation!

If Spoonface and Blockhead was my first shot at animation, Journal 001 was my first attempt at movie making. Filmed in my house, and edited in iMovie, I attempted to create something akin to The Blair Witch Project, or Marble Hornets

Many years and videos later, I created a Kickstarter video to help fund the second season of my teams audio drama podcast, Lake Clarity. While our campaign was unsuccessful, this video marked a return to screen for me, and though goofy, and with technical errors (white balancing for one, camera angles for another), it was nice to try my hand at videos again.